Cal’s Pals

Cal Funnylumps is our charity mascot. He loves to come along to family events and meet all the children!

A little more about Cal:

  • Cal has Neurofibromatosis Type1 (Nf1)
  • He loves chocolate
  • He loves having his picture taken
  • He sometimes has to wear glasses
  • He’s a bit clumsy
  • He has lots of Café au Lait patches
  • He loves hugs
  • His birthday is in May
  • He needs help at school sometimes
  • He likes making new friends

This is me with my pal Rebeka dancing at our Christmas Party!

All of my Pals have Neurofibromatosis too so no one feels left out or different. The charity hosts great events throughout the year but my favourite is the Christmas Party.

I already have lots of Pals already but I love making more. I love to see everyone at Tumour Support Scotland events so I try my hardest to be at all of them. Get to our next event so you can meet me and all my other Pals!

Cal’s Pals Club

Cal’s Pals membership is open to all children resident in Scotland. Once registered, your child will receive a membership pack, birthday cards on their special day and Cal’s annual Newsletter.

To register, send your details to and we will reply with further information.

The membership pack contains:

  • A Cal’s Pals membership card
  • A signed picture of Cal
  • A Cal’s Pals badge
  • A letter from Cal welcoming you to Cals Pals Club

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